CEO / Director

business development consultancy

Pedro Ndombasi


Pedro is a Chartered Quality Professional and Chartered Chemical Engineer with over 25 years of experience. His diverse portfolio of projects spans across numerous sectors, including Rail, Highways, Aviation, Water, Construction, Energy, Nuclear, Building Services, Oil & Gas. He has held various leadership roles in the UK, Europe, Asia, and Africa on major infrastructure projects. Operating at the strategic level with these organisations, Pedro’s holistic, collaborative, and structured approach allows him to provide bespoke management solutions and continuous support. He is bilingual with professional proficiency in both English and French.



We provide a range of consultancy services to clients across the globe. The company is renowned for its ethical approach, attention to detail, and providing the client with an honest, objective, and balanced opinion. Our services have already been instrumental in both securing and saving companies millions of pounds in the process.

Working with us has many benefits for your business and your stakeholders. We are known for our creative yet professional approach to establishing a unique relationship with our clients. To ensure full market access, your products/services must comply with your target market’s requirements.

Identifying and meeting those requirements is a complex challenge. Our consultancy services can help you understand and meet market demands anywhere in the world, whatever your industry.

Our advice delivers because we merge business sense with technical strength. Organizations performing at their best are swift to respond to opportunities and challenges. To make the right decisions, they require sharp insight into trends. To be ready, they must clearly see their resources and risks.

We help businesses improve performance by giving them the complete picture. Often, we begin with their financials, budget, and actuals comparison. To do so, we combine strategic commercial thinking with precise, hands-on experience of processes, assets, and people.