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A1QMS provides experienced human resourcing capability to fulfil specific gaps in a client team or to conduct identified tasks to support your organisation during any problematic phases of a project’s lifecycle.

We have subject matter experts in Quality Management Systems (QMS) with practical work experience and a flexible approach, ready to perform or assist at any level; reducing the lag time and setup costs in finding and recruiting for your organisation.

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Companies requiring talent can always rely on Quality Professional Resourcing Solutions.

A1QMS support a variety of clients locally and internationally. We’re very proud of the relationships we created, many of which we now call friends! Let A1QMS help you do your work and achieve your vision. Our experienced staff have a fantastic understanding of the local job market. By understanding our clients’ business, we work fast, smart and efficiently to find the ideal candidate for your business.

implementation support
implementation support

How does this happen?

Well an effective Quality Management System is a way of capturing and intelligently presenting the way things should be done in your organisation to achieve a quality result. It presents a model of how your organisation should work. This both enables users to quickly find what they should be doing and the documents, forms etc to support them, as well as enabling the model to be interrogated for ways to make efficiency savings. What’s more, provided your QMS System enables this, the potential efficiencies can be modelled too, to establish that they really are improvements before they are made.

The Benefits of
Quality Management.

As a Quality professional, you will of course be very clear about the benefits deriving from Quality Management. So let’s think about the ways to present the benefits. These can largely be summarized as follows:

  1. Quality Management reduces the risk of quality failure
  2. Quality Management enhances the business brand
  3. Quality Management supports new business
  4. Quality Management can reduce cost

The Quality Management process reduces the risk of quality failure. This is a really powerful argument. No director wants to find their names when something going badly wrong? Also the costs of a serious quality failure can be truly eye watering, covering not only the cost of fixing the problem.


There have been plenty of quality failures in the news over the last few years, so it is easy to find examples. To read about just a few, look at this article: Quality Management can reduce costs. This is true! Obviously, there has to be an initial investment but once an effective Quality Management system has been established, cost can be substantially reduced.

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